Monday, 3 February 2014

#17- Back to School

After a couple of weeks of, a week in my bed with an awful cold and a sort trip to Berlin I'm back to my everyday life.
I've passed both of my exams (yay me) and today I started my masters thesis. I actually took the pictures this morning, but I've been so caught up in the book I'm reading for my thesis I forgot everything around me. I never though I'd say it, but I'm so exited bout this thesis. Can't wait to start writing and analyzing.

It's cold in Denmark, still.. So I'm all about wool, still.

The skirt is vintage and wool. I got it from one of my friends. I just love that skirt and last winter I almost wore it every day. The shirt is one I bought I guess five years ago in Vero Moda. And the sweater is from h&m. I think it's some kind of cotton blend, but it is warm enough with a shirt under. I was actually skeptical about matching two kinds of grey together, but I'd say if worked out fine.

I just looove the details of this shirt. Bows can make anything pretty.

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