Thursday, 6 February 2014

#20 - Pants

Oh my God. Oh my God! Oh. My. God! Call the vintage fashion police... She is wearing pants!
Yep, I'm wearing pant, and I love to wear pants from time to time. I only have five or six pairs, but I love to wear them, especially when the weather can't decide whether it should be cold or mild.

Even though you mostly will see women wearing skirts, pice suits or dresses on vintage pictures, you will be surprised that pants were very common all the way back to the 1920s.
I like to break the clichés of the vintage fashion, and pants (and jump-suits) are perfect in that matter.

I found these tweed pants on etsy this summer. They are wool (of course) and probably somewhere from the 1930s. Most pants you see from that era are high-waisted and with very wide legs. I'm looking for a pair of those, but since I'm very, very, very, picky when it comes to pants, I haven't found the perfect pair yet. 
I love these, they are warm, and they are even lined, which is very rare in modern pants. I love the feeling the silky linen has toward my legs when wearing stockings. It's had to go back to modern pants when you've tried a vintage pair. 
The shirt is a moderne pice I found, I think, in Vero Moda a couple of years ago. It has a very 1940s look with the collar and being without sleeves. 
The cardigan is the same I wore yesterday. But with the brown buttons and the details of the cardigan I feel like a golf-player from 1920s. I like the how the feminine waist and the slightly finger-waved hair works with the more masculine features of the outfit. 

The earrings and the fingerings are both from h&m. They were a bargain. I got them with 75% off, and I couldn't resist even though I don't wear fingerings very often. I like the playfulness of five rings and the combination of black and gold. 

This guy I found ages ago in a small suitcase I found on a junk-yard  The small suitcase was filled with funny jewelry that mostly looked like something from the 1980's. I still got most of the jewelry, but this cutie is my favorite. 

A close up of the earrings. 

I found these shoes at an outlet shop. They are worn out, but they are comfy as hell, and I have hard time letting go of comfy shoes. :)

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