Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Exception #1 - Luscious Lips

This blog was planned to be about my clothes; about the project of trying to wear every pice from my wardrobe without reusing it. But now I've decided to make some exceptions.
Some of you have actually written to me, and requested tutorials, so I decided to do that and call the posts "Exceptions".

Since I'm not very good with the motion-picture, I'll try the do it with still pictures and guidelines.

The first exception is lips.

I always wear lipstick, and I've grown so used to red lips, I actually feel naked when I, very rarely, forget to apply it.

My frist "real" red lipstick was no. 58 by Chanel, I used it, and only that one for years, but two years ago they stopped producing it, and I felt for a short time that my world would to fall apart. I tried Mac - since everybody recommends it, but I just don't go with Mac. I actually think I have an aversion.

On the other hand, two years ago I came across Sephora, and I actually found a color I liked. I ended up buying "The Red (R04)", and very soon I fell in love with it. Sephora had a lot of pigment, it was matt, but didn't dry my lips out, it lasted long, and it was half the price of the Chanel I used to love so deeply.
Last weekend I was recommended Nars lip-pen. I ended up buying "Dragon Girl" which suited my skin-tone and my temperament, and the lipstick "Future Red".

Very soon after I started wearing lipstick on a daily basis I found out that the secret to long lasting luscious red lips aren't expensive lipsticks and brands. It's all about technique. And no, I don't mean the well known powder-as-the-base-technique.

I use two techniques: 1. I apply lip-liner on the whole lip, to make a good base. 2. I use at least two shades of lip-liner and lipstick.

As I wrote, I was recommended Nars the lip-pen. Regarding the lipstick; I sort of saw it and saw the shade of red I've been dreaming of since I was a little girl, so I had to buy that one as well. It isn't as matt as I'd like it to be, but with a combination of lip-liner and the pencil it works.

Nars is actually quite expansive (€25 for the lipstick and €30 for the lip-pen), but my local store had 15% of on lip -and eye products, so I was lucky, and got it cheaper.

Basically, what I do is; I use at least two shades of lipliner and lipstick. Preferably I'd use three, but two is good enough as well, I'd say.
- Apply the darkest lipliner on the line, (I'm using L'oreal, I think, it's cheap, long-lasting, nicely matt, and easy to apply), for me the shade is the most important part of a lipliner.
- Color ⅓ of the lip in the same shade with the lip-liner. 
- Apply a lighter shade lipliner on the rest of the lip.
- Repeat the procedure with the lipstick. 
These days I use the Nars lip-pen closest to the line of the lip, and the lipstick in the middle. That way I'm sure the line will stay sharp. 

The result is this. And no, I don't have very luscious lips naturally. It's all bout the illusion.
The darker shade on the outer part opens the lips up, and the lighter shade makes the lips look more luscious. 

This won't last throughout the whole day, and if you eat it sure will fade, but it will last for at least a couple of hours or more, and your lips will look luscious and won't dry out. 

I always keep a lipstick and a lipliner in my purse. It's nicety be able to refresh your lipstick once in a while during the day.

Good luck!

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