Thursday, 20 February 2014


Once again I planned to wear the green dress with the buttons in the back. And once again i changed my mind. This time it was caused by a shirt. I rarely wear it cause it had this powdered shade, and it is hard to match with anything.

Anyhow I decited to go with the shirt anyway and wear a pair of pants with it. I mean, black is always a sure winner.

The pants are a pair I got from a friends. They used to be her ex-boyfriends pants. He forgot them when he broke up with her, and she gave them to me. They've been of a very good use form me. They are a couple of sizes to big, but with a nice belt they fit. These pants are not vintage, but the cut is classical, so with a good vintage-inspired hairdo, I think I managed to pull it off. 
Oh yeah. It was no make-up day today. I tried a new facial cream, and I think I got an allergic reaction, so I try to stay off the make up these days -hence the almost dead expression. :)

The jewelry is simile stones and gold. I just love that combination. The earrings are from either h&m or glitter, can't remember for sure. And the brooch came with a blouse I both...i think 15 years ago.

My favorite Wellingtones. I bought these online, on eBay two years ago. They are so adorable and I'm trying to take care of them, cause I'm not sure how long they will last. 

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