Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I actually didn't plan to wear this outfit today. I planned to wear a green 1930s dress with buttons in the back, but during my breakfast I came across this really sweet 1940s hairdo, so it ended up deciding my outfit today.
I'll post a tutorial of the hairdo one of the days, cause it's so easy and so very cute. It requires longer hit, but I think most lengths would do it.

Click the image for bigger version
A close up of the hair. Basically the scarf is braided in to the hair. 

I bought the shirt either in Vila, or Vero Moda a couple of years ago. The tag was annoying so I cut it of. It's a very classical pice, and I can go with everything basically. It used to be more white, but two months ago I washed it with something red, and I ended up with a pink shirt - not my cup of tea. So in stead of discarding it, I dyed it in black tea. It was a success, and in my opinion the color is actually nicer.
Regarding the skirt - it has a funny story. I have thing for clothes that have buttons in the back, so one day in november I was dreaming of how I could redesign one of my regular pencil skirt in to one that buttons in the back. The next day I was on my way home from the Library and by accident I to a wrong turn. Right in front of me was this thrift shop. I went inside and browsed around, I didn't find anything until I saw a black skirt. I took it and looked at it and behold - it was the skirt I was dreaming of barely 24 hours earlier. And the best part; it cost me 25 Dkr. (€3). 
The boots - it was snowing today, again, in Copenhagen, so the solution - to wear Wellingtons. 

I've shown the fingerings earlier, but the earrings are new. They were a present from my auntie from Sweden that was visiting my parents during the weekend. They are probably from the 80's, but in a way they remind med of the saucer hat from the New Look era, so I decide to like them.

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