Wednesday, 19 February 2014

#29 - Orange

I mostly wear dark colors and I appreciate that you can get most clothes in black. Yet sometimes I get  a meltdown and I go crazy in colors. That's what happened on Monday. I got one of my meltdowns and I ended up wearing a pair of orange pants. 

Originally these pants were a jumpsuit. I bought it on ASOS during the Christmas sale. Unfortunately it was only left in size xs, and even though I'm pretty slim my boobies are just to big for a size xs. 
None the less I had to have it. Mostly because the color was so bold and it cost me less than 100 dkk!! 
What I did; I made the jumpsuit in to a pair of pants, and what a lovely pair they became. They have the perfect wide legs and look like those pants you see on summer pictures from the 1940s USA. 
I must admit it is pretty hard to pull of a pair of orange pants. It's hard to match them and well, everybody looks at you on the street. 
What I did was to match them with black and red. To top the outfit I wore a pair of black mens-shoes.
I decited that the no matter what I chose it would look "wild" for a Monday in Denmark, so I accessorized the outfit with a simple hairdo and red roses at the ear.  
I was nervous about how it would look, but I'd say it actually looks pretty good.  If nothing else it made me feel as if it was summer. 

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