Wednesday, 5 February 2014

#19 - Berlin

Last week I went, very impulsively, to Berlin with my friend Katja. She visited me for a cup of tea two weeks ago, and we sort of ended up buying two plain tickets for Berlin.
I, well we, had such a blast. Two vintage lover, just hanging around and meeting awesome people.

I visited Berlin five years ago first time, and I actually I hated it the first couple of days, but suddenly I woke up, and it had sort of grown on me. The day I had to leave the city I almost cried. I don't know why haven't been back since, but I guess it's like every other summer-love story, if you have beautiful memories, you don't want to ruin them by coming back.

After this, very short, trip I've fallen in love with Berlin even more. It is a strange and stubborn love. It just won't leave my body and heart, and I will for sure return very soon again.

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On my way to the airplane at Copenhagen Airport. I was freezing, so I was very happy that my Mum let me borrow her fur coat. It actually saved me, cause Berlin was even colder. 

The first evening was like a winter wonder land. The snow was white and the lightning was perfect.  

We went to arrived on a Monday night, and even though it is said that Berlin never sleeps it's hard to find an open bar on a Monday night. Katja and I dressed up anyway and we went to this weird place my german friend recommended us. We were absolutely the best-dressed guests at the bar, but then again besides two of us only other people were the bartender and a weird dude who bought os Prosecco. When you think of it, a sleazy bar that serves bubbles on a monday night can only be amazing, and it turned out exactly that way. During the night we met a girl and her friend whom invited us out the next evening. 
I wore a black dress from ASOS, trying to be a bit dressed down. 

Tuesday was hungover day. We went out to eat Austrian food at this cool place. 
I didn't have much energy so I wore my favorite 40's shirt I bought in a thrift shop some years ago. I love the color and the collar on this shirt. A black high-waistsd pencil skirt and thick cardigan to be sure I wouldn't be cold during our walks in the city. 

I girl has to make sure her lipstick is perfect.
I seriously need to get a fur coat mown. I actually can' believe I could live without one...

The last night in Berlin we were invited to this very fancy "members only" lounge at something called "Soho House Berlin". We didn't know what would  happen that night, so I made sure to be as dressed up as possible. 
This dress is just a couple of weeks old, and is a original 50's piece I found on It's taffeta and suits me as a dream. And the velvet around the collar, and the cute bow are just perfect. There are to few velvet dresses in my wardrobe. I guess my next dress should be a 1930s og 1940s velvet piece. I'll probably go with something black og dark blue...

And at the end a bit sassiness. And yes I was freezing my butt of! But luckily I've got these amazing 40 denier stockings, so I didn't catch a cold. 

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