Wednesday, 19 February 2014

#26, #27, #28 - Summing up the Birthday Week

Basically last week was birthday week. I had three birthdays in a row, and when Sunday came I was toasted. I didn't even have energy to update the blog.
Yesterday I had to talk to the university, because apparently I was signed out due to being finished with my thesis two weeks ago even though I've just started. So those are the reasons why I'm summing up last week today.

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Tuesday my friend Emma had birthday. She was turning 25, so we decided to surprise her and take her out for cocktails. 
I wore this dress I've bought in COS last spring. It is such a lovely dress and very different from my style normally. I fell in love with the collar, and decided I needed to have it. 
It has a 1960s mod look which is very lovely. 
I had to stay at the library all day so it was import an for me that the outfit was comfortable, but could easily be accessorized to a night outfit.

 I accessorized the dress very simple. the dress has so man y color that anything else but pearls would make it too heavy. The wristband is one I got from my untie. I doubt it has any value except that it is pretty. The earrings are one of the 20 pairs of pearl earrings I've got in my collection, and the butterfly is a hair clip I bought in h&m last Christmas.

Friday was Valentines Day, I actually didn't think about my outfit before a girl in  a show asked me weather I was wearing the outfit because of Valentines. I needed to control myself not to laugh. As if I would have so many dresses as I do if I celebrated Valentines day. 
I had to buy some presents and I had a lunch date with one of my friends. 
Anyhow the dress is from etsy, and I got it this summer. I actually remembered the dress being longer, but I just love the motive and the simplicity of it overall. So I wear it anyway.
I didn't accessorize the dress very much. I wore a ribbon just to get the hair away from my face and a pair of black ballerina shoes. 

Friday night was time for the second birthday. My friend Maria was turning 27, and she had invited the girls for dinner. 
I bought this dress last year, but this is the first time I'm wearing it. I had a very hard time finding a pair of shoes to go with this dress, but the T-steaps I bought for New Years Eve actually worked very well. I changed 4 pair of shoes before I found the perfect match. I found the dress on ASOS on sale, in it has such a nice 1930 of 1940s feel. Unfortunately it has a very, very, very low décolletage cut. So it in a way looses the vintage look, at least on my body. 
It has a dark blue shade, and has two layers and the top layer is sheer.

I reused the earrings from Thursday, but the brooch is new. I bought it at this amazing vintage shop in Copenhagen called Décor. It's one of the oldest vintage shops in Copenhagen and the things you can get there are pure amazing. The owner of the shop has dated this brooch to somewhere in the 1950s and she said ti's diver. I don't think the pearls are real, but that really doesn't bother me, cause I fell instantly in love with it. 

Saturday was Katja's birthday. She is a pretty new friends, but we have grown very close during the past six months. She is the one I went to Berlin with some weeks ago. And for he birthday I wanted to wear something special. I bought the dress in COS this Friday. They still have it, in black and this pretty sky-blue shade. I just fell in love with it. I feel somewhere between Alice, Cinderella and a nurse from the 1950's in this dress. 
Even thought it's a modern dress it could have been made in the 1950s. The length of the sleeves, and  the neck line are very mid-1950s inspired. The hemline is below the knee and this blue shade is very mid-1950s as well. 
Some how this dress just perfectly represents innocence.

This brooch is as well bought in Décor, and is originally from 1950s. The earrings are a present from my dear friend Asta. She gave them to me as a birthday present a couple of years ago. And the ring is bought in some cheap jewelry shop. 

I know I'm wearing a different pair of shoes on the picture of the dress. But these are actually the shoes I chose to wear. I bought them in my favorite outlet shop in Copenhagen. They aren't the most comfy shoes I owe, but they are shade, and they are pretty, and I just love the detail with the buckle.

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