Sunday, 9 February 2014

#21, #22, #23 - Summing up the weekend

This weekend has been hectic; To many plans, to little time. And as the perfect ending I was forced to spend today in my bed, cause I've been sick as a dog. 
Anyways I actually managed to take pictures of my outfits, I just didn't have the take to post them until now.

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I'm getting tired of winter, grayness and cool weather, so this Friday I decide to bring back a bit of color. 
I've found this skirt on etsy, my favorite guilty pleasure, last years. I fell in love with the color and the fact that it's made of patchwork. I doubt it's vintage or even any kind of retro, but it was cheap, purple and humorous. 
Trying to match purple patchwork can be a hard job, so I just decided to go with a feminine blouse my tailor made me last year. This blouse has hell of a décolletage, but it always brings me a lot of laughs when in male company. 

I can't remember where the earrings are from, but probably one of the high street shops. 
The charm on the other hand is a present from my ex fiancé. One year he found this antique shop in Copenhagen and ended up giving me a charm on every celebrating occasion for a couple of years. The ballerina shoes are antique silver. There used to be a tale with the shoes, but I've forgotten it.  

I usually always wear this brooch with the patch work skirt. It has the same shades of colors, and it's one of my favorite brooches. I actually think I've shown it once before, but it is worth sowing again. I've got this from my best friend as a Christmas present some years ago. I just love the details on it. 

Saturday I was headed to the city to buy presents for all the people having birthday during February. I  wore a simple sweater and one of my black pencil-skirts. Nothing fancy. But these days I have a hell with my hair. It has grown to long and heavy. So basically the only the only thing I can do with it is a. tame it in a bun. b. tame it in some kind of 30s wave of c. let is loose. These days I go mostly with option b, which is nice since I haven't been able to make finger waves for ages, cause I cut my bangs very short last winter. 

The hair jewelry is from h&m so are the cute heart-shaped earrings, but the brooch is a pice I found on a flea market this summer. You know how you sometimes imagine a pice you want in your collection, and the next day you sort of stumble upon it. Well this is what happened in the case f the bow-brooch. 

Shoes are a pair of vintage shoes I bought I guess five of six years ago - even before my vintage-geek era. And oh look at the color of those stockings. They are original Keyestone's from mid-1950s. 

I actually chose the sweater and the coat to fit to my stockings. This is my first vintage coat. I bought it in a thrift shop on my way home, and the best part is; it's made in Denmark. I'm not sure if danish clothes have a better quality, but I always get excited when I find something made in Denmark, cause it's so rare. 

Last night it was time for one of the birthdays. We decided for a girls night out, and I decided for overdressed. The blouse is an exact copy of the one from Friday. But I loved the design so much I asked my tailor to make me two.
The skirt.. Oh the skirt. It's vintage and I bought it at the same shop as my New Years Eve dress. The skirt is just a tad too big, but Nothing a good patent leather belt can fix. This outfit is so vey simple and elegant so I decided to go all in with the jewelry. The style is inspired by an old photo of Princess Diana wearing a Catherine Walker dress with a low cut in the back and the pearls hanging in an very untraditional way on the back. I remember first time I saw it as a little girl I loved the style. 

Simple pearl earrings and my other favorite brooch that I got from my neighbor for my 29th birthday. There are actually earring matching the brooch, but they are clip-ons and the clips are broken. I'm actually hoping that I can get them fixed next time I'm somewhere in Balkan. Cause it would be such a pity if I don't get a chance to wear the whole set.

And my new ring. I just have thing for shining stones, and for me it doesn't matter whether the stone is real or simile, as long as it shines, I'm satisfied. 

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