Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Finally I'm wearing a dress. I'm not sure why, but I've been all about skirts the past weeks. So today I decided to wear a dress.
The one I'm wearing today is repro, and even though I'm not into repro clothes, because of the strechy-lycra fabric they always use this dress ended up in my closet. This pice is perfect for dancing, and since Tuesday night is balboa night I chose this one.

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I found this dress last year in Mondo Kaos, a small boutique in Copenhagen, that specializes in reproduction and vintage-inspred women's clothing. The reason I bought this dress is the fact that it's the perfect dancing dress, but the details around the collar and the chest absolutely a plus. There is such an amazing aura of late 1940's and early 1950's fashion within those details. The upright collar and the draping around the chest makes it look like something more than just a repro-dress. 
Oh I know I probably sound so very arrogant in this post, but one of the reasons why I started dressing vintage is the fabric. I love good fabric; the feel of silk, wool of even rayon just makes me a ad happier every day. The lycra-feel of the modern fabric is just not my cup of tea. 
I compromising when it comes to very tight wiggle-dresses, or rather those so-called bodycon dresses, but that is more or less the only time I use fabric containing stretch. 
Enough complaining. 
Since it's still awfully cold in Denmark, and this dress is more or less sleeveless I've matched it with a off-white wool cardigan, just to try something new and lighter. I always go for black and today I wanted to be a bit outrageous. ;)

The details of the collar. 

I accessorized with pearls - cause you can never go wrong with pearls. 

A pair of black suede pumps, to make the outfit just a tad more glamorous. 

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