Monday, 23 December 2013


It's Monday, and today is spent at home studying. No dresses worn today, but I can assure you I'll make up for it tomorrow. 
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and in Denmark that is the day we celebrate Christmas. This year I've been invited to celebrate Christmas Eve with my neighbor and her family. I'm so excited and I have trouble deciding which of my dresses  I want to wear. I've got a couple of them in mind, but lets make it a surprise. 

I had my dad over for a short visit today, and he brought me a present from my auntie in Sweden. She is volunteering at a Second Hand shop, so she gets me a lot a treasures. I almost screamed when I opened the present today. I just couldn't believe what she had found for me this time…

These opera binocular are fully functional and the mother of pearl is in absolutely perfect shape. There are no flaws on this one, and I can assure you I'm gonna use them next time I go to a theatre. 

I doubt that the pearl necklace is very old. But it is absolutely my style. I love the simplicity, and the fact that it match the earrings in shade, makes it just perfect. 
At least I know that my dress tomorrow has to match this beautiful two-piece.

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