Friday, 27 December 2013

#7 - Vertigo

Last year I watched Hitchcock's "Vertigo" from 1958 with James Stewart and the ever so gorgeous Kim Novak. 
Besides the thrilling story and Hitchcock's ability to capture details like nobody else can, I was amazed by the clothes Novak was wearing during this movie. 
Basically I would have killed for every single piece from her wardrobe. 

The first thing that caught my eye was the off-white coat Novak is wearing throughout most of the movie, a coat I actually stumbled upon in a second hand shop less than 24 hour later, but that is one story I'll keep for the spring, and warmer days. 

Second thing is the black dress she is wearing underneath the off-white coat. But what actually left me breathless in the end was the green skirt she is wearing during a walk on the street with Stewart. It's just the perfect everyday skirt.

I know there is a lot of green color in that movie, but there is only one skirt like this one. This skirt has a beautiful green shade, rather olive than green. It has quite a lot fullness and has buttons in the back. In the movie it is matched perfectly with a simple brown blouse for an everyday use and a black patent leather belt is used to emphasize Novak's waist.

I knew something like that would be more or less impossible to find, so instead I decided to let my tailor make one for me. 

It took me a couple of months, but one day I found the perfect fabric. It was basically forgotten, and the sales-lady found it by accident in the back of a pile. Nonetheless it was perfect; Olive-green cotton/wool blend and no stretch at all.

My tailor made the skirt and it was basically perfect, but just a bit too over-the-top for everyday use. 

When my tailor was done with the Novak-skirt,  I still had so much fabric left that she was able to make me one more skirt, which I actually designed for her to make. And that is the one I'm wearing today. 

 (Klick for larger pictures)
The simplicity of this skirt match perfectly with the buttons and the fluffy pockets. It balances the details, and makes it suitable for both everyday use, and evening use - depending on how you accessorize it, and off course what kind of shoes you use. Since I'm headed for a day at the Library I've toned it down a notch. 
I curled my hair only at the ends and secured it with bobby-pins, just to get it of my eyes. 
Wearing a turtle-neck sweater makes this look more of a 50s look rather than 40s (this skirt actually could go for a 40s look as well). So all in all a simple outfit for everyday use.

The jewelry is fauna-inspired today: Hanging monkeys as earrings and a butterfly shaped brooch. Both are found on Etsy and used just in hope of bringing a couple of laughs during the day.

And to finish the look and match it to the awful Danish weather: A pair of rubber boots. 
I actually own five pairs of rubber boots in different lengths and styles. They are so very practical in Denmark, well basically every season of the year. These are my favorite. They are not very warm, but they are awful adorable and feminine, so I use them as often as possible. 

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