Monday, 30 December 2013


'tis the day before the last day of the year. The sun is shining in Copenhagen and I feel rather joyful, playful… I'd dare say happy.

I can hardly wait for tomorrow night though. I've got this perfect dress I'm going to wear for the New Years Eve party. It's been looking at me for nearly a month and finally tomorrow I'll be wearing it. 
The only thing I can tell you is: it's from the first part of the 50s, it's taffeta, probably tailor-made since it doesn't have any tags, and it has this perfect blue color; like a very deep sea...
And until tomorrow I will simply leave you with the outfit of the day, which is still inspired by the business fashion of the great era.

Once again a simple outfit (yes, I have a lot of black skirts); 
Black skirt and a simple sweater in plum, I decided to wear it without the jacket to tone it down. 
The skirt is one of the amazing pieces of clothes my tailor in Montenegro has made for me. It's high-waisted and it is inspired by the 1950s fashion introduced, among others, by Jaques Fath - think of the wiggle dress and bolero (short jacket). 
This skirt is made of wool/silk fabric, and it can be worn as day and evening wear - depending on how you style it. 

I've curled my hair in three victory rolls, and my bangs in a "faux-bangs" as well (I'm in the middle of the "awkward-bangs-periode at the moment). 
Yes, I know victory rolls were mostly popular in the 1940s, but they are seen in a smaller scale, and in moderate size in the 1950s as well. The back part: chignon with a "hair-rat"

I accessorized the outfit with a pair of purple rose-shaped earrings I bought in h&m and of course a brooch. 
I love, love, love this brooch. I got it from my best friend as a christmas present a couple of years ago, and it's absolutely among my top-three favorite brooches. She bought it in London, as I recall it's antique silver and I'm very cautious wearing it because I don't want to damage it or loose it.  
Sometimes I just take it out and look at it. 

And the shoes: I don't wear these very often as they are as uncomfortable as they can get, but I do love the fact that they are so inspired by the 1950s. I love the heel and that they have laces.

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