Thursday, 19 December 2013


I guess everybody has one of those days; It's gray, cold and foggy outside. Christmas is around the corner and the only thing you want to do is to stay at home and bake a batch of cookies wearing your cozy and warm pajamas.

Well baking cookies in my pajamas is a luxury for me these days; I have a huge paper due in a couple of weeks.
So in stead I try to look as civilized as possible while still wearing something cozy.

I bought this dress on last summer. Originally it was a plain black dress, but I spiced it up with a white collar- that detail gives it a secretary-like look. In my opinion this gives it  a 60s look as well rather than modern day one. The best part about this one; It has a lot of stretch which makes it comfortable during a long day at the library. 

The hair-do is plain and simple: Part the front part of the hair and roll it in faux bangs. Use the rest of the hair to make a pony tail. Roll the pony tail up and secure with bobby pins. 

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