Saturday, 28 December 2013

#8 - Mad Men and the 60s

So have you ever come across the sentence: "Have you seen Mad Men? NO?! Oh but why not, you are so in to the 50s!" Well I have - more than once. Ignorance can be a bliss, but I like to get the facts straight. The successful series Mad Men doesn't portray 1950s, it actually portrays 1960s.

I haven't seen the series, but I've read a lot about it, I've heard even more about it and I'm pretty sure I'm never going to watch it. I prefer my series… ehm.. rather supernatural.

I believe a lot of you would connect 1960s with the mini skirt. Although this type of skirts did peak in the 1960s, it is rather important to remember, that the mini skirt wasn't really invented before 1964, and it was mostly Londoners who knew about it to begin with. Of course it got popular very fast, but none the less your everyday outfit would most likely look like the clothes you see in the TV-series Mad Men, unless you were a rebellious teenager.

The easiest way to distinguish 1950s wardrobe from the 1960s is basically by the hemline of the dress. Dresses and skirts from the 1950s, with a hemline that reach halfway the calf, are approximately 15-20 centimeters longer than dresses from the 1960s that  usually stopped somewhere just under the knee.
This is basically very generalizing and the fashion is hard to put in boxes, but these are guidelines for an easier identification of the standardizes lines of the vintage eras.

I prefer the longer 1950s hemline and the luxury woven in to the simplicity of this decades clothes, but for me 1960s aesthetics is almost as important as the 1950s (and the 1940s). It broadens the variety and the possibility, and as you can see in Mad Men it is absolutely sexy to the core!

It is very rare for me to wear light colors, and especially a color like salmon, but I fell in love with this blouse mostly because it's transparent and obviously because of the collar (this is BTW bought on a sale in Zara). 
Blouses with collars are rather classical than just vintage, but depending of what kind of collar you chose, you can style your blouse to represent a decade of your pleasing. 
The skirt is a piece I bought in a thrift shop last winter, and it has been very useful to me. The hemline is rather 1960s than 1950s but I like the simplicity of it and this is exactly why I've chosen to match it to this very 1960s inspired blouse. The blouse actually has a marked waist, but I've chosen a pink belt with simile-stones just to emphasize the waist. I could have chosen a black belt, but ended up with the pink one because of the funky color. 

A close-up of the collar. I love the detailed work with the beads and the pearls. 

The hair is an experiment and I'm going to work more with this style in the future. It's inspired by Holly Golightly from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's starring one of my favorite style icons - Audrey Hepburn. Basically what you do is make a ponytail, and secure the ends on the top of your head. Use some kind of jewelry to hide the rubber-band. 

Finish the look with a pair of pearl- earrings. They never go out of fashion.


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