Saturday, 21 December 2013


It's Saturday, Christmas Eve is in three days, and as usual I'm late with the christmas shopping. I guess that's how it is when most of your time is spent in a library working hard on the last huge paper before the last Masters Thesis.
Today the outfit had to be quick and easy. I wanted to go shopping early to avoid the worst masses of stressed christmas shoppers.

So I chose a sleeveless black dress and a vintage silk shirt which I got from my aunties mother in law for my birthday present a couple of months ago.

This dress is actually very dull. I don't wear it very often, and I'm planing to make it in to a 1940's inspired jumpsuit next time I meet up with my tailor in Montenegro. I think there should be enough fabric to manage such a project. 
Luckily a belt can do miracles with almost anything. I chose a white belt today to match the white shirt, and to really show of my waistline. 

The hair is a 1960s inspired bun. I used a shaper ring to give the bun more volume. And that's it. An elegant, and easy early1960's catholic school girl look. 

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