Friday, 7 March 2014

Exception #2 - Reflections upon style and fashion

Most of you don't know me very well. This blog is mostly about dresses, style and fashion. But to understand my style, you have to understand me as well, or at least know why I act and dress as I do.

I've loved fashion since a very early age, and except few exceptions I've never been part of the mainstream fashion. For me it's always been about style rather that fashion. So already in my early teens I started to experiment with different styles.

I guess I've always been on of those people who dress after mood, which has made my style a tad schizophrenic over the years.

As a teens I decided to become a hippie, so I started wearing big, colorful and flowery skirts and dresses, I was all about boho and I was more or less the only one. Yet something was missing, so already at age of 15 I started twisting the style.

During my high school years I started experimenting with the more darker sides of fashion as well, and before I knew it I was all about goth. Yet I was just a tad to happy to be all goth. I didn't really feel the pain you had to feel to be a goth.
And that's when I stopped trying to fit within a box and decided that I could be 60's boho and goth, well not at the same time, but I could switch between both styles, if I wanted. Who was there to stop me?

During my twenties I stated dressing in some way MOD. I'm not sure I was aware of that fact. But none the less I wore long boots, short dresses and had a very high bob.
I loved the 1960s and the MOD style as I have pointed out before on this blog. Yet the MOD style wash't fit for the stockings I loved so much. And as my fascination for stockings grew, so did the length of the dresses I wore. I guess it was a natural process for me.

I've been wearing post-world war II fashion the past 3-5 years. (More seriously the past 3 years). And I really do love the style, but the past year or so vintage has been hit by an inflation. More and more people are interested in vintage clothes. Interested in the lovely and elegant style of the 1950s. The New Look is back and I'm so very glad...

And then again I've never been the part of the crowd, and I actually think I've grown to like being the odd (wo)man out.  For me style is about making fashion and clothes personalized, but as the better part of the danish women are dressing 1950s inspired, I back out.

I woke up yesterday and didn't know what to wear. Well actually I knew exactly what I could wear, but I was getting bored, and just didn't feel like it anymore.
I somehow felt trapped and wearing the pretty dresses from the 1940s and 1950s just felt like a routine rather like pleasure. So I wen't to my parents attic and found my old MOD stuff.
A lot of it was unfortunately given to charity, but I still had some of the classics, and I will make some changes in my wardrobe.

I've realized I'm not schizophrenic just because I don't follow the same line of style for ever.
It's rather that I like to experiment. I mean, why shouldn't I? Style and fashion is all about been creative....

Fashion is fluent. That's easy to see because it always changes, yet it is always inspired by earlier styles. But what I came to think of is that style is fluent as well. As people we evolve, and we change; At least curious people, who are willing to explore life and the world, are evolving and changing.
That is exactly the same with the style. As long as you are aware, as long as you explore, your style will follow it will change and expand.
A lot of stylists are scolding women for lacking consistency within the style. But you don't need consistency. You need to play around and try stuff out until you find something you like. The best part is though when you get tied of the style and you go out to explore a new one.

I think choosing just one line of style for yourself is rather a sort of security blanket. You know what fits you, you get used to it, and you just keep going on like some kind of repeat.
I'm not a person that falls in to repetition or monotony. I like to challenge my self.

I don't have any plans of changing my style 100%. I still love all of my 100 1950s dresses, I just plan to broaden the boundaries I've put upon myself and my style the past year or so.

That's why I will be welcoming 1960s MOD back in to my life.

1960s was all about bright colors and big hair. I'm wearing a bright red a-line skirt that is just above the knee. I've matched the skirt with a black knit blouse and a pair of knee highs.

It's extremely important to me not to look like a teen, which you easily can end up doing you you don't give the look a lot of edge and some kind of twist. I've done it with the hair. This was one of my favorite up-does back than, but I've was never able to make it, cause I always either had a bob or a pixie-cut. 
The huge hair makes the look some how more grown up. 

I'm wearing big bracelets with bright colors. It's all about adding some kind of edge to the look. 
But it still has to be very fresh and young. 

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