Monday, 24 March 2014

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It's been a busy weekend.
I was supposed to recap and write a blog entry yesterday, but I woke up with such a desire to dance so I went out dancing instead.
This is the first time in a year I've been feeling like dancing. I had almost given dancing up.Well, actually I had given dancing up... Just the thought of it made my stomach hurt. And I really didn't feel motivated.
I thought I'd never go back. Yet, yesterday I woke up, and I felt like dancing. So my plans of relaxing wrapped in my slanket and watching the tv-series "Masters of Sex" was corrupted by a desire of moving my feet to good jazzy tunes. The desire even got bigger, cause while I was getting ready my old dance partner, who has been abroad for a year texted me and asked if I was coming social dancing... Means he has returned to Copenhag... He killed me on the dance floor. It was sooo good!
Oh yeah...The day before yesterday, I went... out... to play boardgames... with a boy...

Friday I took a day off from the library. I had a lot of stuff to do, and this gave me an opportunity to wear my new pice outfit. This is so cool. Some weeks ago I found this awesome pice of clothing on etsy
You are wondering; Is it a skirt? Is it shorts? Oh no! it's a skort! Basically it a skirt with shorts, and I love it. 
It was awful weather Friday. It was gray and rainy and none of my comic book stores had the comic books I wanted to buy. So I needed to compensate, and I ended up some accessories instead.

I decited to go with a hat for this outfit. This is the hat I bought on a flea market a couple of weeks ago. I don't think it's very vintage, but it's still pretty and it goes very well with my white wool jacket. 

My nuances were in black and brown, so I chose a pair of old earrings. I think I had these for five or six years. And my little heart brooch. Fun fact about this brooch. Last year one of my friends was having a birthday, and I decided to get him a brooch for his birthday. We were in Sweden for a dancing workshop, and I think I spent 5 hours in Malmø tooling for a neutral brooch... It was impossible to find anything. At the end of the day I was bout to give up, and went into a thrift shop just around the corner of where I was staying. And of course I didn't find anything there either. Just as I was about to go I saw a pair of heart shaped earrings. I bought them. Went home and glued a pin on the back et voila I had the perfect brooch. I had one more earring left so I made a brooch for myself as well.  I wear it rarely, but I thought it fitted perfect for the outfit. 

Saturday I was supposed to go to the theatre, but I got caught up playing boardgames that I didn't make it to the theatre. Then again who needs theatre when you've got a room full og geeks? 
For my Saturday I wore this amazing Adolf Schuman for Lilli Ann dress I bought on etsy. It just arrived in time for me to be able to wash it and wear it. This is actually one a 1970s or probably an early 1980s creation. But what I love mostly about Lilli Ann dresses it they still have a feel of the 1940s upon them. This dress had just enough width that I could wear it with a petticoat and make it look more 1950s.  

What a really fell in love with about this dress is the details. I love the asymmetric closing and the details of the neckline. Usually I'm not very much for light colored clothes, but this was just too perfect to ignore. 
The hair was simple. I combed it in a couple of waves and made a low bun in the back. 

The dress had so many details, so I toned the accessories down. I chose a pair of heart-shaipes earrings to match the hair clips I used to keep my hair in place with. 

Sunday was dancing day... Nothing special about this outfit. It was Sunday and the only criteria I had for this outfit was that it had to be practical but still feminine. And what is more practical than a pair of capri pants and a transparent shirt.  The pants are good to dance in a the shirt is think enough that it dries quickly. The outfit is from h&m
The shoes are the same as the ones I wore on Saturday. It's a pair of patent-leather ballerinas from h&m, I bought them in the winter, but I haven't been able to wear them before now. 
I had my hair in a high bun and secured with a blue scarf. As I recall I bought the scarf in a thrift shop last year. 

It's hard to wear jewelry when you dance, so I kept it all simple and wore a pair of black clips. I've shown these before. I got them from my auntie a couple of months ago.

And last but not least. Since I didn't get to post so much during March I'm going to show you one more thing. It has been posted on Instagram on March 14th, but I didn't get to post it on the blog. 
I wore this on Friday March 14th, and I it was amazing to observe. I wore this to the Library the whole day and seriously not a fuck was given. This is one of the reasons why I simply adore Denmark, and especially Copenhagen. 

You've all heard of the mini-skirt or the mini-dress? If not it was designed in 1964 by the british designer Mary Quant and was sold from her shop in London. Well this is a micro-dress. It's even shorter that the mini-dress, and basically it stops just below the pantie line.  
This type of dress was very popular during the MOD era in the midt 1960s.  During the 1960s the dresses got shorter and shorter, and were often worn with tights. This dress was one of the main fashion items to make the tights popular. 
The micro-dress is so short that if you lean forward your panties are visible. 
This dress is knitted in some kind og light wool, and it is just perfectly short. 
I wore the dress with a pair of see-through tights and a pair of over-knees to cover my legs and protect them from the cold, but also to give the outfit some edge. With a pair of over-knees your legs look much longer, and the shortness of the skirt is very much underlined. 

Look at the details on the collar. I love the bows. I had a whole theme with the bow. My hair was folder in to a high bun, but I folded a small bow out of my hair as well and accessorized the hairdo with a small flower pin.

The theme was bows, and finished the look with a pair of bow earrings. Both the pin and the earrings are from h&m. 

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