Thursday, 13 March 2014


I guess it's way overdue with my regular clothes posts. So today we'll take a regular outfit post.
It's spring in Denmark. The sun is shining and has done so since Saturday. Unfortunately spring means pollen as well, and I've apparently developed some kind of allergy toward spring... That means lot a crying and snuffling, which means no makeup, and a lot of compensation for that.

Today I'm of to a gallery opening for a photographer whom, amongst other, I've been modeling for the past year.
His project is pretty cool, and is called "Six Degrees of Copenhagen". Basically it's inspired by the whole mid-00s phenomenon of "Six Degrees of Separation". He's be taking pictures for five years now, and finally they will be displayed today. If you get a chance, go and check them out. Either on his page or visit the gallery: Banja Rathnov, Galleri & Kunsthandel, Museumsbygningen, Kastelvej 18, Copenhagen Ø. The pictures will be displayed until April 19th.

Would you believe if I told you that everything I'm wearing today is from h&m? Well it is. The shirt is I guess 4-5 years old, but I just love it cause it is made as broderie anglainse. It's made by puncturing small holes in the fabric as some kind of needlework. It's such a lovely fabric and I wish I had more clothes made that way. 
I've bought the pants last summer, and they are perfect. They can go both as a 1960s look, but if you dress them in a certain way they look as one of those 1930s or 1940s pants with wide legs. But then again fashion is fluent and every decade is in some way inspired by an earlier decade. 
And yes.. I'm showing off my stomach. I'm doing it to celebrate the spring. :)

I accessorized the outfit with pearls. It's been some times since I've been waring pearls, and frankly I've missed it. The brooch you know, it's the one I bought last month in Décor. The earrings and the ring are merely bijouteri. 

And the hair.. Oh the hair.. I say this hairdo on youtube yesterday and just had to try it out. It's pretty simple, but you need some time to do it. But it's worth all the effort. I found it on a Russian channel, and they represented it as a bridal hairdo, but I thought today would be perfect to try it out. I used a couple of flowers just to make the do like more fresh and young.  

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