Thursday, 20 March 2014


I know, I know.. It's been ages since the last entry. But trust me, even thought I don't post every outfit on the blog, I still keep the project going on. The best part is; I've bought so manny dresses since I started this project, that it will never end.
Today I seriously lost the count of how many dresses I've got. Last time I counted I had 116 dresses in my closet and that was a couple of weeks ago.

I'm still all about the 1960s and the MOD... And I think I've found out why... I just love the hair from the 1960s. It's so creative and... huge... You get a chance to go amok with your hair, and that is very rare for any other period... except the 1940s perhaps.

One of the reasons I like 1960s style is that it's very different from earlier fashion trends, and especially 1950s. In stead of looking back for inspiration the fashion in the 1960s is looking forward. It's all about the space age, the future, and about experimenting with new colors, styles and expressions. The 1960s are bold. The first rebellions (at least since the 1920's and the flappers) happen in the 1960s. And I really do believe it's because of the MOD generation and their turn against the old traditions and orders that the possibilities of late 1960s demonstrations are possible.

Got this dress last week from easy, and it's just adorable. I've been looking for a petroleum blue dress for years now, but it's hard to find the perfect color and style, so when I saw this one I bought it right aways. 
This dress is an original 1960s MOD dress. This is a longer version a mini-skirt, but I don't mind cause with this length I'm still able to wear stockings. 
I've matched the dress with a pair of chunky shoes and a pair og knee-highs. It's always a risk to wear knee-highs as a grown woman, and I really don't want to look like a school-girl. Seriously. That. Is. Not. My. Goal. 
My goal is to play with the MOD style, and the awesome details from the 1960s. 

I know that you during the 1960s had very marked eye make up. It was all about thick eyeliner and long, long, long eye lashes and very pale lips. I'm trying to keep the make up on a minimum. So I just use lipstick, otherwise I'd look very dead. I've kept the jewelry and the make up in similar tones, just to see how it would look, and I actually like it. It suits the blue petroleum dress. 
Oh yeah.. the hair... This is my easy 1960s hairdo. It's a huge bun on the top of the head and a small bow made out of my own hair, just to shine it a bit up.

I love this! This is so bijouterie and kitschy I could swoon! And look at the colors. They sure du represent spring. 
The huge plastic ring is bad from my MOD days. The flower ring is just between my MOD days and my vintage days, and both of them are bought on etsy. The flower ring is from LuluCoco, and I just adore her jewelry. I've been around the show a couple of times since I bought the ring. 
The earrings are a present from a friend, I've got them i there different shades. And the flower-pin is from h&m.

I'm going to the theatre on Saturday. As I can see it's some kind of a feminist-queer-gender play, I seriously need to plan an outfit that will make all the gender-neutralist faint and hate me! 


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