Wednesday, 5 March 2014


My hair is too long and my wardrobe is about to be used up. I think it's just about time to get the summer stuff up from the basement. 
I think it the time of the year where the restlessness is kicking in and I feel nothing is good enough. 
Actually I'm kind of excited. 
It's still winterish in Denmark. But I've been living her for so many years that I know that I should always keep my Wellingtons and a wool coat close to me. 
Beeing aware of those facts gives me a possibility to wear lovely summer dresses even though it gets cold. 

I feel a bit uninspired. And I'm not very much in to those A-line skirts these days. I don't feel my waist is tiny enough, and I'm just not up for wearing tight corsets for a whole day at the Library. None the less I've got plans tonight so I had to look just a tad more stylish that I've been the past couple of days. 
I bought the skirt at last year, I think. I haven't been able to wear it, cause it was to tight, but apparently today was one of those lucky days. It's simple, but I just love the tartan pattern. Maybe I should try to wear it during the coming christmas. It has those amazing vintage Christmas colors. The fabric isn't anything special, I guess it's some kind og cotton, but it's very breathable and that suits me. 
Firstly I tried to match the skirt with a green blouse, but it was just off, so I chose a transparent black shirt and accessorized with a black belt and black jewelry. 

I've had these earrings for ages. As most of my jewelry they are bijouterie, but they are simple and that's always a plus in my world. 
The ring is actually gold, and it was a present form my granddads sister. She was hell of a lady, and she had an amazing style.
The pin is actually a hat pin, but I still need a brooch that combines gold and black, so I use the hat pin as a brooch, when in need of that combination. 

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