Tuesday, 4 March 2014

#32, #33, #34, #35 - Summing up... forever

So, basically I'm not sure where the past week has gone. It's as if the days just slip through my fingers, and every morning I wake up, its a new week. 

It's almost three months since I've started this crazy project. And actually I'm starting to feel that I'm getting to the end of my winter wardrobe. There is still a good amount of dresses and outfits, but I am getting to the least favorite of them now, and I don't have the same urge to show them of. I mean all of my dresses are nice, but it's as if I forget to take the pictures in the morning. 

Last week was hard, and I ended up being home for two days, cause I caught some kind of bug. 
But none the less this is a selection of the outfits I wore last week. 

Monday: I found this dress on a flea market last summer. I was a bargain, and one wonders why. I almost ended up in an argument with my dad about this dress.  I still thinks it's as ugly as hell, and believe it or not, but I agree. None the less I love it. It's crazy, edgy, and it makes me smile every times I wear it. 
I'm pretty sure this is a 1970s pice, but, the crazy colors aside, it has actually a very 1940s style. Both the collar and the cuffs have pretty 1940s details. 

The Monday dress is more or less impossible to accessorize, cause it has way to much going on, so I just went with a simple pair of silver earrings. Mostly cause feel naked without earrings. 

Tuesday and Wednesday I was at home, so this is the Thursday's dress. This is actually the dress I planed to wear all those times I ended up wearing pants. I had a date on Thursday, so I decided to wear a dress. 
I love this dress. I actually designed it and my tailor in Montenegro made it for me. I just have a weakness for all things buttoned in the back.
It's inspired from the 1930s style, and actually it is supposed to be worn without a belt, but sometimes I wear it with a belt, just to give is some shape. I actually loved this dress so much that I asked my tailor to make me one more, but in different color. 

Usually when I wear the green dress I wear this jewelry. These is just something about green and cold. It fits perfectly. 

Friday... Well, I also had a date. I guess the Spring is on it way. So I wore a one of my many pencil skirts and and shirt I tend to forget I have. Usually I forget how pretty this shirt is. I've had it for ages and I bought it on sale in h&m. Once again it has this 1940s inspired style and color so with the right styling it ends up looking all vintage. 

And today. Today I'm almost in the 1970s. If it wasn't for the shape of the collar and the style of the pants, I'd go for a Disco-Diva today. 
Basically everything, except the hat, I'm wearing today is bought in some kind of high street shop. 

You don't have to buy expensive and fancy clothes to look stylish and elegant. It about being creative, and of course taking care of the clothes you wear. 
I always change when I get home, and I always wear my house coat at home. That's how I keep my clothes mint for several years, and even though they are bought in h&m og any other cheap hight street shop they look good and almost as new. 

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