So I'm Erna. Let me introduce myself.

I've been blogging for some years now, mostly random stuff that occupies my mind in those moments when inspiration hits me.

In real life I'm a 29 year old bosnian living in Copenhagen, Denmark for the past 20 year. My parents brought me here because of the Balkan Wars in the 90s and I've been stuck in Copenhagen since. I don't mind. Copenhagen has everything - just in a smaller scale.
I study Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Copenhagen, and I will start my Masters thesis the following January. What will happens afterwards is as big a mystery for me as it is for You.
For me life and the world are a playground, and I fit outside the box rather often. Not because I try, but because... that's apparently how I've been designed.

I have a passion for a number of things. Writing, obviously. Vintage aesthetics, swing dance, music, books, etiquette,  stockings, stocking, stocking, vintage lingerie, sleaze and dresses, dresses and dresses!

I collet... Nothing fancy and expensive,  but rather stuff I find interesting and stuff other people find useless and dull.
Though one of the more interesting things I collect are dresses. A lot of dresses. Well clothes in general, but mostly dresses; Vintage dresses, cheap dresses, tailored dresses, expensive dresses, cocktail dresses, dresses, dresses and some more dresses.

I've been collecting dresses... well for ever, but the past five or six years I've been focusing mostly on vintage -and dresses inspired by the golden era of glamour (1930s to mid-1960s).
This collection has grown rather big the past few years, and that is the reason why I've started this blog; I want to try to wear a new outfit from my wardrobe every day. Firstly because I tend to forget a lot of the clothes I have. Secondly I want to see how long it will take me before I have to start with the first outfit again.

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