Wednesday, 26 February 2014


This is actually my first "real" vintage dress. I bought it from an old friend cause she had grown tired of it. I remember I just loved the color, and the fabric. For me it was one of the most exclusive pieces of clothes I had ever owned. I think this was back in 2007 or 2008, not really sure.
This dress was one of the turning points in my style and wardrobe. Soon after I realized how the fabric in vintage clothes have a very different feel and quality, and how I could never live without that feel. 
This dress has some kind of wool feel, or rather a heavy linen texture. And the color is just amazing. The style is very late 1950s or early 1960s. You can see it on the very simple round collar, and the length of the dress. I just love the simplicity of the late 1950s/early 1960s. And this dress is the perfect example.

Even though the color of the dress is amazing, tt's quite hard to find jewelry that can be complementary. So I used the leaf-shaped brooch my auntie gave me last time she was here, cause I though the green color would stick out when matched with the very hot color of the dress. And I was right. 

The hair was braided and messy, I didn't have time to make it neat today, but I used a pretty comb to keep everything in place. I think this is the first time I use this comb, even though I've had et for years.

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Once again I planned to wear the green dress with the buttons in the back. And once again i changed my mind. This time it was caused by a shirt. I rarely wear it cause it had this powdered shade, and it is hard to match with anything.

Anyhow I decited to go with the shirt anyway and wear a pair of pants with it. I mean, black is always a sure winner.

The pants are a pair I got from a friends. They used to be her ex-boyfriends pants. He forgot them when he broke up with her, and she gave them to me. They've been of a very good use form me. They are a couple of sizes to big, but with a nice belt they fit. These pants are not vintage, but the cut is classical, so with a good vintage-inspired hairdo, I think I managed to pull it off. 
Oh yeah. It was no make-up day today. I tried a new facial cream, and I think I got an allergic reaction, so I try to stay off the make up these days -hence the almost dead expression. :)

The jewelry is simile stones and gold. I just love that combination. The earrings are from either h&m or glitter, can't remember for sure. And the brooch came with a blouse I both...i think 15 years ago.

My favorite Wellingtones. I bought these online, on eBay two years ago. They are so adorable and I'm trying to take care of them, cause I'm not sure how long they will last. 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

#29 - Orange

I mostly wear dark colors and I appreciate that you can get most clothes in black. Yet sometimes I get  a meltdown and I go crazy in colors. That's what happened on Monday. I got one of my meltdowns and I ended up wearing a pair of orange pants. 

Originally these pants were a jumpsuit. I bought it on ASOS during the Christmas sale. Unfortunately it was only left in size xs, and even though I'm pretty slim my boobies are just to big for a size xs. 
None the less I had to have it. Mostly because the color was so bold and it cost me less than 100 dkk!! 
What I did; I made the jumpsuit in to a pair of pants, and what a lovely pair they became. They have the perfect wide legs and look like those pants you see on summer pictures from the 1940s USA. 
I must admit it is pretty hard to pull of a pair of orange pants. It's hard to match them and well, everybody looks at you on the street. 
What I did was to match them with black and red. To top the outfit I wore a pair of black mens-shoes.
I decited that the no matter what I chose it would look "wild" for a Monday in Denmark, so I accessorized the outfit with a simple hairdo and red roses at the ear.  
I was nervous about how it would look, but I'd say it actually looks pretty good.  If nothing else it made me feel as if it was summer. 

#26, #27, #28 - Summing up the Birthday Week

Basically last week was birthday week. I had three birthdays in a row, and when Sunday came I was toasted. I didn't even have energy to update the blog.
Yesterday I had to talk to the university, because apparently I was signed out due to being finished with my thesis two weeks ago even though I've just started. So those are the reasons why I'm summing up last week today.

Press the picture for bigger version
Tuesday my friend Emma had birthday. She was turning 25, so we decided to surprise her and take her out for cocktails. 
I wore this dress I've bought in COS last spring. It is such a lovely dress and very different from my style normally. I fell in love with the collar, and decided I needed to have it. 
It has a 1960s mod look which is very lovely. 
I had to stay at the library all day so it was import an for me that the outfit was comfortable, but could easily be accessorized to a night outfit.

 I accessorized the dress very simple. the dress has so man y color that anything else but pearls would make it too heavy. The wristband is one I got from my untie. I doubt it has any value except that it is pretty. The earrings are one of the 20 pairs of pearl earrings I've got in my collection, and the butterfly is a hair clip I bought in h&m last Christmas.

Friday was Valentines Day, I actually didn't think about my outfit before a girl in  a show asked me weather I was wearing the outfit because of Valentines. I needed to control myself not to laugh. As if I would have so many dresses as I do if I celebrated Valentines day. 
I had to buy some presents and I had a lunch date with one of my friends. 
Anyhow the dress is from etsy, and I got it this summer. I actually remembered the dress being longer, but I just love the motive and the simplicity of it overall. So I wear it anyway.
I didn't accessorize the dress very much. I wore a ribbon just to get the hair away from my face and a pair of black ballerina shoes. 

Friday night was time for the second birthday. My friend Maria was turning 27, and she had invited the girls for dinner. 
I bought this dress last year, but this is the first time I'm wearing it. I had a very hard time finding a pair of shoes to go with this dress, but the T-steaps I bought for New Years Eve actually worked very well. I changed 4 pair of shoes before I found the perfect match. I found the dress on ASOS on sale, in it has such a nice 1930 of 1940s feel. Unfortunately it has a very, very, very low décolletage cut. So it in a way looses the vintage look, at least on my body. 
It has a dark blue shade, and has two layers and the top layer is sheer.

I reused the earrings from Thursday, but the brooch is new. I bought it at this amazing vintage shop in Copenhagen called Décor. It's one of the oldest vintage shops in Copenhagen and the things you can get there are pure amazing. The owner of the shop has dated this brooch to somewhere in the 1950s and she said ti's diver. I don't think the pearls are real, but that really doesn't bother me, cause I fell instantly in love with it. 

Saturday was Katja's birthday. She is a pretty new friends, but we have grown very close during the past six months. She is the one I went to Berlin with some weeks ago. And for he birthday I wanted to wear something special. I bought the dress in COS this Friday. They still have it, in black and this pretty sky-blue shade. I just fell in love with it. I feel somewhere between Alice, Cinderella and a nurse from the 1950's in this dress. 
Even thought it's a modern dress it could have been made in the 1950s. The length of the sleeves, and  the neck line are very mid-1950s inspired. The hemline is below the knee and this blue shade is very mid-1950s as well. 
Some how this dress just perfectly represents innocence.

This brooch is as well bought in Décor, and is originally from 1950s. The earrings are a present from my dear friend Asta. She gave them to me as a birthday present a couple of years ago. And the ring is bought in some cheap jewelry shop. 

I know I'm wearing a different pair of shoes on the picture of the dress. But these are actually the shoes I chose to wear. I bought them in my favorite outlet shop in Copenhagen. They aren't the most comfy shoes I owe, but they are shade, and they are pretty, and I just love the detail with the buckle.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I actually didn't plan to wear this outfit today. I planned to wear a green 1930s dress with buttons in the back, but during my breakfast I came across this really sweet 1940s hairdo, so it ended up deciding my outfit today.
I'll post a tutorial of the hairdo one of the days, cause it's so easy and so very cute. It requires longer hit, but I think most lengths would do it.

Click the image for bigger version
A close up of the hair. Basically the scarf is braided in to the hair. 

I bought the shirt either in Vila, or Vero Moda a couple of years ago. The tag was annoying so I cut it of. It's a very classical pice, and I can go with everything basically. It used to be more white, but two months ago I washed it with something red, and I ended up with a pink shirt - not my cup of tea. So in stead of discarding it, I dyed it in black tea. It was a success, and in my opinion the color is actually nicer.
Regarding the skirt - it has a funny story. I have thing for clothes that have buttons in the back, so one day in november I was dreaming of how I could redesign one of my regular pencil skirt in to one that buttons in the back. The next day I was on my way home from the Library and by accident I to a wrong turn. Right in front of me was this thrift shop. I went inside and browsed around, I didn't find anything until I saw a black skirt. I took it and looked at it and behold - it was the skirt I was dreaming of barely 24 hours earlier. And the best part; it cost me 25 Dkr. (€3). 
The boots - it was snowing today, again, in Copenhagen, so the solution - to wear Wellingtons. 

I've shown the fingerings earlier, but the earrings are new. They were a present from my auntie from Sweden that was visiting my parents during the weekend. They are probably from the 80's, but in a way they remind med of the saucer hat from the New Look era, so I decide to like them.

Exception #1 - Luscious Lips

This blog was planned to be about my clothes; about the project of trying to wear every pice from my wardrobe without reusing it. But now I've decided to make some exceptions.
Some of you have actually written to me, and requested tutorials, so I decided to do that and call the posts "Exceptions".

Since I'm not very good with the motion-picture, I'll try the do it with still pictures and guidelines.

The first exception is lips.

I always wear lipstick, and I've grown so used to red lips, I actually feel naked when I, very rarely, forget to apply it.

My frist "real" red lipstick was no. 58 by Chanel, I used it, and only that one for years, but two years ago they stopped producing it, and I felt for a short time that my world would to fall apart. I tried Mac - since everybody recommends it, but I just don't go with Mac. I actually think I have an aversion.

On the other hand, two years ago I came across Sephora, and I actually found a color I liked. I ended up buying "The Red (R04)", and very soon I fell in love with it. Sephora had a lot of pigment, it was matt, but didn't dry my lips out, it lasted long, and it was half the price of the Chanel I used to love so deeply.
Last weekend I was recommended Nars lip-pen. I ended up buying "Dragon Girl" which suited my skin-tone and my temperament, and the lipstick "Future Red".

Very soon after I started wearing lipstick on a daily basis I found out that the secret to long lasting luscious red lips aren't expensive lipsticks and brands. It's all about technique. And no, I don't mean the well known powder-as-the-base-technique.

I use two techniques: 1. I apply lip-liner on the whole lip, to make a good base. 2. I use at least two shades of lip-liner and lipstick.

As I wrote, I was recommended Nars the lip-pen. Regarding the lipstick; I sort of saw it and saw the shade of red I've been dreaming of since I was a little girl, so I had to buy that one as well. It isn't as matt as I'd like it to be, but with a combination of lip-liner and the pencil it works.

Nars is actually quite expansive (€25 for the lipstick and €30 for the lip-pen), but my local store had 15% of on lip -and eye products, so I was lucky, and got it cheaper.

Basically, what I do is; I use at least two shades of lipliner and lipstick. Preferably I'd use three, but two is good enough as well, I'd say.
- Apply the darkest lipliner on the line, (I'm using L'oreal, I think, it's cheap, long-lasting, nicely matt, and easy to apply), for me the shade is the most important part of a lipliner.
- Color ⅓ of the lip in the same shade with the lip-liner. 
- Apply a lighter shade lipliner on the rest of the lip.
- Repeat the procedure with the lipstick. 
These days I use the Nars lip-pen closest to the line of the lip, and the lipstick in the middle. That way I'm sure the line will stay sharp. 

The result is this. And no, I don't have very luscious lips naturally. It's all bout the illusion.
The darker shade on the outer part opens the lips up, and the lighter shade makes the lips look more luscious. 

This won't last throughout the whole day, and if you eat it sure will fade, but it will last for at least a couple of hours or more, and your lips will look luscious and won't dry out. 

I always keep a lipstick and a lipliner in my purse. It's nicety be able to refresh your lipstick once in a while during the day.

Good luck!


It was almost spring-like today. So I decided to wear ballerinas and what better way to enhance them then wearing a pair of simple 50s cigar pants.


All, except my stockings and lingerie, today was from h&m. Even the jewlery. I guess it all costed under 500 DKr. (€60)
The shoes were the most expensive (200 DKr.. It was all as simple as i could get, but I seriously felt like a million. Perhaps it was the sun and the upcoming spring.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

#21, #22, #23 - Summing up the weekend

This weekend has been hectic; To many plans, to little time. And as the perfect ending I was forced to spend today in my bed, cause I've been sick as a dog. 
Anyways I actually managed to take pictures of my outfits, I just didn't have the take to post them until now.

Clik the picture for bigger size
I'm getting tired of winter, grayness and cool weather, so this Friday I decide to bring back a bit of color. 
I've found this skirt on etsy, my favorite guilty pleasure, last years. I fell in love with the color and the fact that it's made of patchwork. I doubt it's vintage or even any kind of retro, but it was cheap, purple and humorous. 
Trying to match purple patchwork can be a hard job, so I just decided to go with a feminine blouse my tailor made me last year. This blouse has hell of a décolletage, but it always brings me a lot of laughs when in male company. 

I can't remember where the earrings are from, but probably one of the high street shops. 
The charm on the other hand is a present from my ex fiancé. One year he found this antique shop in Copenhagen and ended up giving me a charm on every celebrating occasion for a couple of years. The ballerina shoes are antique silver. There used to be a tale with the shoes, but I've forgotten it.  

I usually always wear this brooch with the patch work skirt. It has the same shades of colors, and it's one of my favorite brooches. I actually think I've shown it once before, but it is worth sowing again. I've got this from my best friend as a Christmas present some years ago. I just love the details on it. 

Saturday I was headed to the city to buy presents for all the people having birthday during February. I  wore a simple sweater and one of my black pencil-skirts. Nothing fancy. But these days I have a hell with my hair. It has grown to long and heavy. So basically the only the only thing I can do with it is a. tame it in a bun. b. tame it in some kind of 30s wave of c. let is loose. These days I go mostly with option b, which is nice since I haven't been able to make finger waves for ages, cause I cut my bangs very short last winter. 

The hair jewelry is from h&m so are the cute heart-shaped earrings, but the brooch is a pice I found on a flea market this summer. You know how you sometimes imagine a pice you want in your collection, and the next day you sort of stumble upon it. Well this is what happened in the case f the bow-brooch. 

Shoes are a pair of vintage shoes I bought I guess five of six years ago - even before my vintage-geek era. And oh look at the color of those stockings. They are original Keyestone's from mid-1950s. 

I actually chose the sweater and the coat to fit to my stockings. This is my first vintage coat. I bought it in a thrift shop on my way home, and the best part is; it's made in Denmark. I'm not sure if danish clothes have a better quality, but I always get excited when I find something made in Denmark, cause it's so rare. 

Last night it was time for one of the birthdays. We decided for a girls night out, and I decided for overdressed. The blouse is an exact copy of the one from Friday. But I loved the design so much I asked my tailor to make me two.
The skirt.. Oh the skirt. It's vintage and I bought it at the same shop as my New Years Eve dress. The skirt is just a tad too big, but Nothing a good patent leather belt can fix. This outfit is so vey simple and elegant so I decided to go all in with the jewelry. The style is inspired by an old photo of Princess Diana wearing a Catherine Walker dress with a low cut in the back and the pearls hanging in an very untraditional way on the back. I remember first time I saw it as a little girl I loved the style. 

Simple pearl earrings and my other favorite brooch that I got from my neighbor for my 29th birthday. There are actually earring matching the brooch, but they are clip-ons and the clips are broken. I'm actually hoping that I can get them fixed next time I'm somewhere in Balkan. Cause it would be such a pity if I don't get a chance to wear the whole set.

And my new ring. I just have thing for shining stones, and for me it doesn't matter whether the stone is real or simile, as long as it shines, I'm satisfied. 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

#20 - Pants

Oh my God. Oh my God! Oh. My. God! Call the vintage fashion police... She is wearing pants!
Yep, I'm wearing pant, and I love to wear pants from time to time. I only have five or six pairs, but I love to wear them, especially when the weather can't decide whether it should be cold or mild.

Even though you mostly will see women wearing skirts, pice suits or dresses on vintage pictures, you will be surprised that pants were very common all the way back to the 1920s.
I like to break the clichés of the vintage fashion, and pants (and jump-suits) are perfect in that matter.

I found these tweed pants on etsy this summer. They are wool (of course) and probably somewhere from the 1930s. Most pants you see from that era are high-waisted and with very wide legs. I'm looking for a pair of those, but since I'm very, very, very, picky when it comes to pants, I haven't found the perfect pair yet. 
I love these, they are warm, and they are even lined, which is very rare in modern pants. I love the feeling the silky linen has toward my legs when wearing stockings. It's had to go back to modern pants when you've tried a vintage pair. 
The shirt is a moderne pice I found, I think, in Vero Moda a couple of years ago. It has a very 1940s look with the collar and being without sleeves. 
The cardigan is the same I wore yesterday. But with the brown buttons and the details of the cardigan I feel like a golf-player from 1920s. I like the how the feminine waist and the slightly finger-waved hair works with the more masculine features of the outfit. 

The earrings and the fingerings are both from h&m. They were a bargain. I got them with 75% off, and I couldn't resist even though I don't wear fingerings very often. I like the playfulness of five rings and the combination of black and gold. 

This guy I found ages ago in a small suitcase I found on a junk-yard  The small suitcase was filled with funny jewelry that mostly looked like something from the 1980's. I still got most of the jewelry, but this cutie is my favorite. 

A close up of the earrings. 

I found these shoes at an outlet shop. They are worn out, but they are comfy as hell, and I have hard time letting go of comfy shoes. :)