Sunday 6 April 2014

Exception #4 - Next Danish Pin-Up

So I've done this crazy thing.

A couple of day ago one of my friend sent me a link to a competition. A modeling agency is looking for a new pin-up model, and I've decided to sign up.

This is so exciting I'm about to make flip-flops and sing in french... And I don't know how to neither.

Well to win this I really need you help.
The competition is on Facebook, and basically to win I need your likes. The girl with most likes wins.

I really hope you will support me in this crazy project I've decided to jump into.

What do you do:

1. Press the following link; it will lead you directly to the picture on The next Danish Pin-up.
2. Like the picture.
3. Share it if you wish to.

Thank you so much. <3

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