Sunday, 6 April 2014

Exception #4 - Next Danish Pin-Up

So I've done this crazy thing.

A couple of day ago one of my friend sent me a link to a competition. A modeling agency is looking for a new pin-up model, and I've decided to sign up.

This is so exciting I'm about to make flip-flops and sing in french... And I don't know how to neither.

Well to win this I really need you help.
The competition is on Facebook, and basically to win I need your likes. The girl with most likes wins.

I really hope you will support me in this crazy project I've decided to jump into.

What do you do:

1. Press the following link; it will lead you directly to the picture on The next Danish Pin-up.
2. Like the picture.
3. Share it if you wish to.

Thank you so much. <3

Thursday, 3 April 2014

#47, #48

There has been to manny irregularities on the blog all the way from the beginning, but I will try to update the blog 2-3 times a week from now on. Usually the updates will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays and hopefully I'll be able to post on Sundays as well. 

Yesterday and today is still mostly about simplicity. I like black, but I like colors as well, and that's why I very often use berets and in different colors. Two days ago I go a new red beret. I've always wished for a red one, but for some reason I never bought one. 
So when I saw one on eBay I ordered it right away. 
I wanted the beret to be in focus and the best way to do that is to tone everything else down. 

This is a basic black dress from asos. I love it cause it's so comfortable to wear yet it is so tight that it turns out so sexy that I've seen both women and men not knowing where to look when I wear it. 
I've matched the beret with a pair of red patent leather ballerina shoes. I bought these two years ago in a outlet shop for merely nothing. 

The same place I found the beret I found this cuuute silver cat-brooch. I love over-sided brooches and this one has a pretty good size. I matched it with a pair of silver earring from my always trusted h&m. As simple as it gets. 
The reason I've chosen silver jewelry to the red details is that the silver cools the very bright red down and gives it a harmonic look.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a picture of Audrey Hepburn wearing a bull-fighters inspired outfit. And I just fell in love with the idea. I tried to copy it but of course with my own twist. 
What I'm wearing it is pair of cigarette pants from h&m, I used to wear these all the times when I was dancing a lot, and a turtle neck blouse, also from h&m. I used a scarf I found in a local thrift shop as a belt to give it the bull fighter feel. And matched it all with a pair of leopard ballerina shoes. 

Here I'm using gold jewelry, cause I think that green goes very well with gold. The brooch is an very old pice found on eBay years ago, and the earrings are as the one you've seen before on the blog just in a different size. 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

#45, #46

It's spring in Copenhagen. It's seriously spring. It's that kind of weather; when you go out you actually can feel the warmth from the sun on your skin.

I planned to write an entry on Sunday, but one of my friends lured me out in park. 7 hour later when I got home I was so tired it took me approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes to move from my couch to my bed.

So here we go, an new update.

 I felt like celebrating spring this Sunday, so I wore the perfect summer dress. I just adore the color. It reminds me of summer and blue skies. What I love most about this dress is th fact that I don't need to wear a belt to make it look pretty. 
I found this dress some months ago i COS and yes, you are right, you have seen this dress before. But I couldn't help my self. This one is new and so absolutely lovely that I broke my own rule for it, but you know what.. I don't care. Rules are to be broken, and this dress is worth it. 

I didn't want to make a big deal out of a Sunday outfit. So I wore the dress with these pretty heart shaped earrings and and a pair of black ballerina shoes.

Yesterday was a stay-at-home-and-study day. So today I needed to do something extra. I wanted to play around with some 1940s hair, but victory rolls are so hard to make when your hair is too long.

My skirt is just a regular black pencil skirt I've found in a thrift show. I love black pencil skirts cause they re so practical and you can wear them casually during the day but also dress it up for a night out. 
The blouse is one of those pieces of clothes I found in my parents attic some weeks ago. I remember buying this blouse. It's probably seven year old, and I'm always impressed how good it still looks svn though it's just as ordinary as a VILA product. 

I'm retry sure you've seen both of these. The peacock is from a flea market her in Copenhagen and the earrings are from h&m. As simple as it gets. 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

#43, #44 - Feminine wearing pants or even rags

Sunday was a dance and pants day. Yesterday was a pants day, and hell... let us make today pants day as well.
Dresses have a special place in my heart, and I love to wear them but every now and then I go pants-amok. There is just something perfectly casual yet feminine in the combination of a pair of capri, cigar or what ever pants, a sweater and a pair of ballerina shoes. In some way this is essence of simplicity or rather casual femininity.

If you wear your pants high-waisted and you match them up with any kind of pre-1960s vintage hair you will get a classic and elegant look of the exact era you wish to represent.
Of course the lingerie plays a huge roll in this as well, but I'll come back to this part in one of my exceptions on the blog.

A lot of men don't like when women wear pants, they prefer their women in skirts cause skirts equal feminine. And even though I absolutely agree on this statement; That dresses and skirts are more feminine that trousers, I'd say that femininity doesn't lay in the clothes but rather in the appearance and how you carry yourself.
If you try to google Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, you will see both of them wear pants and even jeans, but their charisma is so feminine that even if they were wearing rags, they would look feminine.
Or remember Marlene Dietrich and her suits?  A suit is one of the most masculine outfits of forever, yet Dietrich nails it every single time, and she is just to die for... every single time!

Of course skirts help you feel more feminine, but the best way to become feminine is by discovering it within yourself. And of course practice, practice and some more practice.
I believe that every woman has the femininity hidden somewhere underneath of decades of anti-patriarch and pro gender neutrality propaganda of the 1970s Red Stocking Feminism.
I bow in respect for the hard work that the Red Stocking feminist did for the liberation of the woman back in the day, without them we wouldn't have the opportunities we have today. But just because you are a feminist, doesn't mean that you have to cut your femininity and womanhood off. One doesn't have to rule out the other. I'm feminist, but I sure do my best to keep in touch with my feminine sides as well.

Don't hesitate; let a man open the door for you, thank him for the gesture and smile. Put a flower in your hair as decoration, use lipstick. Don't be afraid to be extravagant or even dramatic from time to time. Let a man help you carry your bags...
Keep your head up and smile. Relax your face, be aware of how you walk, talk and act... at a point all of these things will become just a part of you and you won't even notice it anymore. At that point it won't matter anymore weather you wear a ball gown, pants or even rags. You will always look feminine.

Yesterday I wore my 1940s inspired chiffon pants. I bought them in h&m two years ago. They are so lovely. unfortunately they are too big, so I need to keep them up with a belt. The shirt is approximately four years old, and I found it in Vero Moda. This is from a time where I still was figuring out how to do this vintage style surf.  I love the color and the pom-pons at the shoulder. I remember I wore it with a pencil skirt back then. And I just adored the style. 
The hair I'm wearing is the same as here. This is so easy and quick and I love it when I need to get my hair out of the way in a creative and fancy way. 
Still what you do to get this hair is: You use a long scarf and secure it on the top of the hair with a bobby pin. 
2. You braid two braids. One on each side and secure them with a rubber band each. wrap the hair and the scar around the hair and tie it in a creative way. I usually tie it on the side. 

The jewelry yesterday was basically non existing. I only wore my old plastic earrings, cause the hairdo and the shirt were details enough for the style. 

Today I'm wearing pants cause I slept over and didn't have time to play around with dresses or skirts. 
These pants are actually my dads old working pants. I stole them from him, long time ago, cause I always wished I had a boiler suit. So these were a compensation for the boiler suit. 
I just adore these, they are so comfy, and they are perfectly big that I can wear them as a pair of high-waisted pants. They are too long as well so I always wear them rolled up. 
The blouse I'm wearing is my favorite turtle-neck blouse. I'm not sure what I'll do when this gets worn out. I think I've had this one for almost 10 years, and as I recall it's a h&m pice. 
I wen't all casual 1950s today. You know, like the american girls imitating the auto mechanics from mid-1950s. There is something light and very romantic and playful about that look. 
The hair was just put up in a hight bun and kept in place with a scarf and bobby pins. The same as Sunday. 

Earrings are bijouterie from h&m and the pin is one I bought on ebay a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure if it's vintage or what ever, but I really don't mind, what I fell in love with is the fact that it is the eternity sign. 

Oh yeah the shoes. This is one of those pairs I always forget I have. I bought them two years ago, I like the combination of the patent leather and the sateen fabric. I bought these in one of those cheap outlet shops in Copenhagen. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

#39, #40, #41, #42

It's been a busy weekend.
I was supposed to recap and write a blog entry yesterday, but I woke up with such a desire to dance so I went out dancing instead.
This is the first time in a year I've been feeling like dancing. I had almost given dancing up.Well, actually I had given dancing up... Just the thought of it made my stomach hurt. And I really didn't feel motivated.
I thought I'd never go back. Yet, yesterday I woke up, and I felt like dancing. So my plans of relaxing wrapped in my slanket and watching the tv-series "Masters of Sex" was corrupted by a desire of moving my feet to good jazzy tunes. The desire even got bigger, cause while I was getting ready my old dance partner, who has been abroad for a year texted me and asked if I was coming social dancing... Means he has returned to Copenhag... He killed me on the dance floor. It was sooo good!
Oh yeah...The day before yesterday, I went... out... to play boardgames... with a boy...

Friday I took a day off from the library. I had a lot of stuff to do, and this gave me an opportunity to wear my new pice outfit. This is so cool. Some weeks ago I found this awesome pice of clothing on etsy
You are wondering; Is it a skirt? Is it shorts? Oh no! it's a skort! Basically it a skirt with shorts, and I love it. 
It was awful weather Friday. It was gray and rainy and none of my comic book stores had the comic books I wanted to buy. So I needed to compensate, and I ended up some accessories instead.

I decited to go with a hat for this outfit. This is the hat I bought on a flea market a couple of weeks ago. I don't think it's very vintage, but it's still pretty and it goes very well with my white wool jacket. 

My nuances were in black and brown, so I chose a pair of old earrings. I think I had these for five or six years. And my little heart brooch. Fun fact about this brooch. Last year one of my friends was having a birthday, and I decided to get him a brooch for his birthday. We were in Sweden for a dancing workshop, and I think I spent 5 hours in Malmø tooling for a neutral brooch... It was impossible to find anything. At the end of the day I was bout to give up, and went into a thrift shop just around the corner of where I was staying. And of course I didn't find anything there either. Just as I was about to go I saw a pair of heart shaped earrings. I bought them. Went home and glued a pin on the back et voila I had the perfect brooch. I had one more earring left so I made a brooch for myself as well.  I wear it rarely, but I thought it fitted perfect for the outfit. 

Saturday I was supposed to go to the theatre, but I got caught up playing boardgames that I didn't make it to the theatre. Then again who needs theatre when you've got a room full og geeks? 
For my Saturday I wore this amazing Adolf Schuman for Lilli Ann dress I bought on etsy. It just arrived in time for me to be able to wash it and wear it. This is actually one a 1970s or probably an early 1980s creation. But what I love mostly about Lilli Ann dresses it they still have a feel of the 1940s upon them. This dress had just enough width that I could wear it with a petticoat and make it look more 1950s.  

What a really fell in love with about this dress is the details. I love the asymmetric closing and the details of the neckline. Usually I'm not very much for light colored clothes, but this was just too perfect to ignore. 
The hair was simple. I combed it in a couple of waves and made a low bun in the back. 

The dress had so many details, so I toned the accessories down. I chose a pair of heart-shaipes earrings to match the hair clips I used to keep my hair in place with. 

Sunday was dancing day... Nothing special about this outfit. It was Sunday and the only criteria I had for this outfit was that it had to be practical but still feminine. And what is more practical than a pair of capri pants and a transparent shirt.  The pants are good to dance in a the shirt is think enough that it dries quickly. The outfit is from h&m
The shoes are the same as the ones I wore on Saturday. It's a pair of patent-leather ballerinas from h&m, I bought them in the winter, but I haven't been able to wear them before now. 
I had my hair in a high bun and secured with a blue scarf. As I recall I bought the scarf in a thrift shop last year. 

It's hard to wear jewelry when you dance, so I kept it all simple and wore a pair of black clips. I've shown these before. I got them from my auntie a couple of months ago.

And last but not least. Since I didn't get to post so much during March I'm going to show you one more thing. It has been posted on Instagram on March 14th, but I didn't get to post it on the blog. 
I wore this on Friday March 14th, and I it was amazing to observe. I wore this to the Library the whole day and seriously not a fuck was given. This is one of the reasons why I simply adore Denmark, and especially Copenhagen. 

You've all heard of the mini-skirt or the mini-dress? If not it was designed in 1964 by the british designer Mary Quant and was sold from her shop in London. Well this is a micro-dress. It's even shorter that the mini-dress, and basically it stops just below the pantie line.  
This type of dress was very popular during the MOD era in the midt 1960s.  During the 1960s the dresses got shorter and shorter, and were often worn with tights. This dress was one of the main fashion items to make the tights popular. 
The micro-dress is so short that if you lean forward your panties are visible. 
This dress is knitted in some kind og light wool, and it is just perfectly short. 
I wore the dress with a pair of see-through tights and a pair of over-knees to cover my legs and protect them from the cold, but also to give the outfit some edge. With a pair of over-knees your legs look much longer, and the shortness of the skirt is very much underlined. 

Look at the details on the collar. I love the bows. I had a whole theme with the bow. My hair was folder in to a high bun, but I folded a small bow out of my hair as well and accessorized the hairdo with a small flower pin.

The theme was bows, and finished the look with a pair of bow earrings. Both the pin and the earrings are from h&m. 

Thursday, 20 March 2014


I know, I know.. It's been ages since the last entry. But trust me, even thought I don't post every outfit on the blog, I still keep the project going on. The best part is; I've bought so manny dresses since I started this project, that it will never end.
Today I seriously lost the count of how many dresses I've got. Last time I counted I had 116 dresses in my closet and that was a couple of weeks ago.

I'm still all about the 1960s and the MOD... And I think I've found out why... I just love the hair from the 1960s. It's so creative and... huge... You get a chance to go amok with your hair, and that is very rare for any other period... except the 1940s perhaps.

One of the reasons I like 1960s style is that it's very different from earlier fashion trends, and especially 1950s. In stead of looking back for inspiration the fashion in the 1960s is looking forward. It's all about the space age, the future, and about experimenting with new colors, styles and expressions. The 1960s are bold. The first rebellions (at least since the 1920's and the flappers) happen in the 1960s. And I really do believe it's because of the MOD generation and their turn against the old traditions and orders that the possibilities of late 1960s demonstrations are possible.

Got this dress last week from easy, and it's just adorable. I've been looking for a petroleum blue dress for years now, but it's hard to find the perfect color and style, so when I saw this one I bought it right aways. 
This dress is an original 1960s MOD dress. This is a longer version a mini-skirt, but I don't mind cause with this length I'm still able to wear stockings. 
I've matched the dress with a pair of chunky shoes and a pair og knee-highs. It's always a risk to wear knee-highs as a grown woman, and I really don't want to look like a school-girl. Seriously. That. Is. Not. My. Goal. 
My goal is to play with the MOD style, and the awesome details from the 1960s. 

I know that you during the 1960s had very marked eye make up. It was all about thick eyeliner and long, long, long eye lashes and very pale lips. I'm trying to keep the make up on a minimum. So I just use lipstick, otherwise I'd look very dead. I've kept the jewelry and the make up in similar tones, just to see how it would look, and I actually like it. It suits the blue petroleum dress. 
Oh yeah.. the hair... This is my easy 1960s hairdo. It's a huge bun on the top of the head and a small bow made out of my own hair, just to shine it a bit up.

I love this! This is so bijouterie and kitschy I could swoon! And look at the colors. They sure du represent spring. 
The huge plastic ring is bad from my MOD days. The flower ring is just between my MOD days and my vintage days, and both of them are bought on etsy. The flower ring is from LuluCoco, and I just adore her jewelry. I've been around the show a couple of times since I bought the ring. 
The earrings are a present from a friend, I've got them i there different shades. And the flower-pin is from h&m.

I'm going to the theatre on Saturday. As I can see it's some kind of a feminist-queer-gender play, I seriously need to plan an outfit that will make all the gender-neutralist faint and hate me! 


Thursday, 13 March 2014


I guess it's way overdue with my regular clothes posts. So today we'll take a regular outfit post.
It's spring in Denmark. The sun is shining and has done so since Saturday. Unfortunately spring means pollen as well, and I've apparently developed some kind of allergy toward spring... That means lot a crying and snuffling, which means no makeup, and a lot of compensation for that.

Today I'm of to a gallery opening for a photographer whom, amongst other, I've been modeling for the past year.
His project is pretty cool, and is called "Six Degrees of Copenhagen". Basically it's inspired by the whole mid-00s phenomenon of "Six Degrees of Separation". He's be taking pictures for five years now, and finally they will be displayed today. If you get a chance, go and check them out. Either on his page or visit the gallery: Banja Rathnov, Galleri & Kunsthandel, Museumsbygningen, Kastelvej 18, Copenhagen Ø. The pictures will be displayed until April 19th.

Would you believe if I told you that everything I'm wearing today is from h&m? Well it is. The shirt is I guess 4-5 years old, but I just love it cause it is made as broderie anglainse. It's made by puncturing small holes in the fabric as some kind of needlework. It's such a lovely fabric and I wish I had more clothes made that way. 
I've bought the pants last summer, and they are perfect. They can go both as a 1960s look, but if you dress them in a certain way they look as one of those 1930s or 1940s pants with wide legs. But then again fashion is fluent and every decade is in some way inspired by an earlier decade. 
And yes.. I'm showing off my stomach. I'm doing it to celebrate the spring. :)

I accessorized the outfit with pearls. It's been some times since I've been waring pearls, and frankly I've missed it. The brooch you know, it's the one I bought last month in Décor. The earrings and the ring are merely bijouteri. 

And the hair.. Oh the hair.. I say this hairdo on youtube yesterday and just had to try it out. It's pretty simple, but you need some time to do it. But it's worth all the effort. I found it on a Russian channel, and they represented it as a bridal hairdo, but I thought today would be perfect to try it out. I used a couple of flowers just to make the do like more fresh and young.