Wednesday, 25 December 2013

#6 - Christmas Eve

Yesterday was Christmas Eve. I was fortunate enough to celebrate it with my neighbors and their family. We took off to the outskirts around noon, and I was home just in time to crash. So I didn't get to  update yesterday.

So you'll get it today instead.

Ladies and gentlemen; it's all about the details for me. One of the reasons why I am so hopelessly in love with the aesthetics and products of a forgotten era, is the details.

I bought this pink dress on etsy and it just arrived a couple of weeks ago. I bought it with two other which you'll see in time. 
This dress is a perfect example of are more low key version of the style Dior presented in 1947 under the name New Look. The fabric is some kind of sateen, and you wouldn't believe me how heavy this dress actually is. Yet it's so smooth and  fits perfectly. The heaviness of the fabric makes if fold perfectly regardless of you wearing it with og without a petticoat. Which in my opinion makes it perfect both during the winter and summer time. 
One of the reasons why I'm sure this dress is original from the era of New Look is the collar (left picture). This type of collar (with out neck-part) was often seen in the late 40s and early 50s. 
The pleating around the chest part is a typical 40s detail as well. 
This pleating gives the dress a feminine look without making the cleavage to vulgar.

The necklace is one I got from my auntie as an early christmas present and so are the earrings. I chose to match this jewelry with the dress to make sure that ti doesn't get over the top. 
Since the dress has such a strong color it is perfect with simple jewelry. And basically you can never go wrong with pearls. They are all time classics and a girls best friend, just as diamonds are. 

Shoes.. a simpe black pump, bought in H&M years ago. Always a classic. 

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