Saturday, 4 January 2014

#11 - New Year's Eve

Sorry about the delay guys. I have a paper due Monday, and basically I'm fckd! Gotta write 11 more pages  the next 48 hours to get this one done and passed. But here is what I did for the New Year's Eve. 

I didn't have any great plans for the New Year's Eve this year, so I decided to join  my parents and their friends when I was invited. 

Luckily my parents are somehow as crazy as you can get, and I guess I'm getting old enough to enjoy their company and recognize their craziness in myself as well.
The party was actually anything but dull and my dress was the object of full attention during the 
I must say, I would have been green of envy if the dress in fact wasn't mine, and to think I almost didn't buy it…

Remember to press the picture for bigger view
I found this dress on Etsy and fell in love with it immediately. I loved the color, the details and it reminded me of a dress my Barbie doll used to have. I wasn't though sure if it was an original 1950s piece or an 1980s repro - the neck line confused me. 
At the same time and in the same store I found two other dresses (#6  is one of them) whom I just had to have in my collection. So I took my chances and bought all three plus one skirt. Even got a discount which was quite nice. 
Counting days the dresses arrived in the end of november. At the first glance I could see this dress was not a repro, but a original pice from the first half of the 1950s. 
The length has the right New Look length. 
The zipper is metallic which is a good indicator of vintage, since metallic zipper are rarely used today, and the buttons on the front are metal as well. Unfortunately this dress has no tags, but that makes me believe it's tailor made. 

The hair was improvisation. I knew I wanted to do something over the top. So what I basically did was to roll the front section in to a faux bangs. The left side was pinned down and the right curled up in 4 victory-roll shaped roles. Once again I cheated with the back section. I secured it with a rubber band in a pony tail, and sculpted a bun. I accessorized the hair with some jewelry. 

I knew I wanted something silver with simile stones to match this dress.  I was sure the silver would give it a cooler and more icey look, and I was right.  I have a serious weakness when it comes to shiny thing so I bought bijouterie, and a lot of it to accessorize the dress. 

Both pair of shoes are new. They are last minute shopping. I needed a pair of pumps for the party, and yes, the 50 pairs I've got in my wardrobe just didn't fit the dress. So I found these, and they are perfect; the hight is good, they are suede and have a 1950s feel about them.  
I saw the plats in h&m and had to have them. I have so many flats I even forget I have them, but look at the stones! When I wear them I feel like a  Disney princess or like Elizabeth Taylor from one of the early-1960s movies. So you see… I had to have them.

I wish you all a good new year and ha happy weekend! 

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