Tuesday, 1 April 2014

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It's spring in Copenhagen. It's seriously spring. It's that kind of weather; when you go out you actually can feel the warmth from the sun on your skin.

I planned to write an entry on Sunday, but one of my friends lured me out in park. 7 hour later when I got home I was so tired it took me approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes to move from my couch to my bed.

So here we go, an new update.

 I felt like celebrating spring this Sunday, so I wore the perfect summer dress. I just adore the color. It reminds me of summer and blue skies. What I love most about this dress is th fact that I don't need to wear a belt to make it look pretty. 
I found this dress some months ago i COS and yes, you are right, you have seen this dress before. But I couldn't help my self. This one is new and so absolutely lovely that I broke my own rule for it, but you know what.. I don't care. Rules are to be broken, and this dress is worth it. 

I didn't want to make a big deal out of a Sunday outfit. So I wore the dress with these pretty heart shaped earrings and and a pair of black ballerina shoes.

Yesterday was a stay-at-home-and-study day. So today I needed to do something extra. I wanted to play around with some 1940s hair, but victory rolls are so hard to make when your hair is too long.

My skirt is just a regular black pencil skirt I've found in a thrift show. I love black pencil skirts cause they re so practical and you can wear them casually during the day but also dress it up for a night out. 
The blouse is one of those pieces of clothes I found in my parents attic some weeks ago. I remember buying this blouse. It's probably seven year old, and I'm always impressed how good it still looks svn though it's just as ordinary as a VILA product. 

I'm retry sure you've seen both of these. The peacock is from a flea market her in Copenhagen and the earrings are from h&m. As simple as it gets. 

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